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Why would someone hide under a false identity and deny that they actually exist?  Well our belief is because they are consistently breaking the law and their credentials are fabricated to be stronger than stated.  In short they do it to profit at the expense of the average shareholder. Based on the information below we can finally say that we have concrete proof that "Albert Little" does not exist in any form, other than a made up name and bio for these "hit piece authors" to operate out through.  Our guess is that "Albert Little" is made up by another "hit piece" author to operate out of, believing they can hide this way from the authorities and public disclosure.  It is funny that this person is supposedly trying to "uncover" discrepancies and lack of transparency and he pulls stunts like this. People trust this guy to operate within the law or trust what he says?

Alfred has "thanked" geoinvesting.com for the materially non public inside information provided by to him by geoinvesting.com with regards to Puda Coal, Inc. Connection or related party?  We would assume have to assume so.

Why did you choose the name:

- Alfred - You clearly are a fan Alfred Riedl (most likely because he looks like a 60 year old detective).  So you took the picture and first name.

- Little - well you and Geoinvesting are always saying you would like to protect (get $10 bucks a month in subscriptions) from the "little" guy. 

Alfred Why did you change your picture on seeking alpha? Its still captured here on this site.  As stated on Wikipedia, I am pretty sure you are not an Indonesia soccer coach on your off time (when are you not working for Deloitte for 35 years and running around in china).  You do have a very similar first name and a very similar picture.